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Star Wars App

react / redux / swapi / react router / react tooltip / react select / gsap

Creative portfolio

javascript / html / css / gsap

Music festival

javascript / html / css / css animations

App store

javascript / html / css / bootstrap

Weather app

javascript / html / css / api / ajax

Number guessing game

javascript / html / css

TV Shows

html / css / flexbox


html / css / flexbox


html / css / bootstrap / masonry

Fitness Trainer

html / css / bootstrap

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Hi, I'm Valerie. I'm a professional web designer with 6+ years of experience.

I've decided to learn web development as a part of my professional development and realized that I like coding a lot, it complements my design skills really well and allows me to have way more control over each project.

The 7x9.dev project was created as a final work of the Web Development course, it is designed and coded by me from scratch.

I'm continuing my education and will update my website by adding some cool new features I've learned.

Thank you for visiting!

  • *react / redux / node [ongoing study]
  • javascript / dom / api / ajax / gsap
  • html / css / bootstrap
  • ui/ux / visual design / responsive web design